A College Research Paper Outline to Follow When Drafting Your Piece

Avenues to Craft an Excellent Outline for a Research Document

How have you prepared for your research assignment? Do you want to start writing and get stuck on the way? It is the mistake that many students do. The first thing to do towards composing a persuasive research paper is making enough preparation for it. Drafting a study paper needs you to do a proper study to come up with the right content to support your assertions. 

So, never start writing when you have not gathered what is required. The pre-writing phase is essential for anyone who wants to deliver a premium research paper. What you can do while researching for information is to create an outline to guide you through the writing process. Do not worry if you do not know how to do it because this piece will guide you on how to make a firm outline. 

Find information for the introduction

The introduction is an essential section for every form of writing. It determines how the reader will treat your work. They can either put it off or keep reading after assessing a few lines. Therefore, you need to make it significant, catchy, and engaging. The main parts that will help you to achieve the objectives in this section include:

  1. The hook is the first few sentences of your paper tasked with grabbing the reader’s attention. Make it exciting and provoking.
  2. Know the audience- you must know the kind of audiences you are writing to by explaining why the study is relevant. So, make the introduction and the entire text applicable.
  3. Thesis statement – come up with a clear and concise main inkling of the paper. Show the purpose and drive of your discussion.

When you follow these aspects, you will be sure to create a winning introduction and meet its objectives. Take time to form your thesis because the entire paper will be directed towards supporting it. 

The body

It is the central part of academic writing outline, and the content you provide relies on the required word count. Come up with the discussions to back your claims and present everything that backs your thesis. The structure of the body will differ depending on the kind of research. You prove everything you state in a research paper. While proofing your stances, ensure that you include citations and references based on the required format. 

You may be required to include counterarguments in your paper and refute them, showing why they are not valid. It will help you develop an excellent academic reputation; for it shows you have done thorough research in making your paper. As you make the main points for your research papers, remember the tone and the style of writing. Ensure there is consistency in the manner, techniques, and patterns in your writing.

The conclusion

The last section of your paper shows you have come to the close of the essay. The part is short, with a summary of the main points that readdress the thesis statement. You also include a call to action to show what needs to be done on the topic. Always leave a firm message to the reader. 

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