SPSS assistance, consultation, research and analysis

Working with a data analysis program is a challenging and demanding challenge, even for people with high computer literacy. What you are talking about is those who just surf the web and have basic text editor primitives. Working with a data analysis program sooner or later requires every student, so you have to choose whether … Read moreSPSS assistance, consultation, research and analysis

Thesis writing 

Graduation writing can be a real headache. Which topic to choose? Where to start? Where to find useful information and materials? What literature to use? How do I schedule time? Questions are sometimes more than answers. I understand perfectly well that everyone has a lot of duties, works, worries, so finding time and getting ready … Read moreThesis writing 

What is Personalized Education?

Personalized education is a kind of educational model. This model is fully focused on individual learner needs, hobbies and personal qualities. Personalized education can be called an alternative or evolution of traditional teaching. Since the 19th century. the training took place in groups. Learners were categorized by age or subject level into groups. Groups are … Read moreWhat is Personalized Education?