SPSS assistance, consultation, research and analysis

Working with a data analysis program is a challenging and demanding challenge, even for people with high computer literacy. What you are talking about is those who just surf the web and have basic text editor primitives. Working with a data analysis program sooner or later requires every student, so you have to choose whether to rely on your talents and sacrifice time, and to go into the quantitative data analysis and statistics labyrinths yourself, or to contact experienced and skilled assistants who will not only do the tasks for You will also be familiar with the progress of the work done and will tell you about the working methods you have chosen. That’s what SPSS is offering for me.

The official website of the IBM SPSS program – visit and find a lot of useful information in English.

The purpose of the data analysis program is visual representation of the collected statistics data and automated presentation of conclusions. We use the SPSS program to save time and avoid human error factor. We put data into the data analysis program, perform other necessary actions, and then the analysis program itself makes the rest of the work and outputs all the necessary data and statistics.

I have more than a decade of experience working with data analysis. I am well aware that you are busy, hurrying, so most of the time there is no time to go deeper, watch boring lessons online and try to understand SPSS. I also know from experience that there are situations where you just need an explanation from a person who knows your work to move on. Whether you need a little consultation or a complete data set preparation, entering and analyzing the data into the spss program – always contact the indicated contacts and find the best solution that will greatly ease the work you need and save the lag time!

Offering SPSS support and other services:

  • Training and consultancy;
  • Questioning questionnaires for research questionnaires;
  • Entry of data into the SPSS program;
  • Calculation of data using various methods of calculating SPSS data (percentage calculations, statistical relationships, correlations, regression analysis, hypothesis testing and others);
  • Data analysis and description for bachelor and master theses;
  • Calculation and description of various other scientific and non-scientific research data.