What is Personalized Education?

Personalized education is a kind of educational model. This model is fully focused on individual learner needs, hobbies and personal qualities. Personalized education can be called an alternative or evolution of traditional teaching. Since the 19th century. the training took place in groups. Learners were categorized by age or subject level into groups. Groups are subject to an age-appropriate training system. It is a bad system if the groups are small, and all those who want to gather are just learning the common features of a particular subject.

Personalized education looks at learning from another angle – it is not very important to us what your level or age is. Your goals, hobbies, habits are more important to us. The program is based on the following criteria: what you want to learn, what topics you will be interested in and motivate and, of course, how much and when you will devote time to it. We do not have traditional textbooks – we teach you interesting literature, videos, periodicals. We strive to get you into the depth of your chosen subject, but by doing so you will expand your horizons. Shall I? Very simplistic – if you like classical fiction and want to learn German – we may be looking at the works of E. Remark during the lessons.

What are the benefits of personalized education?

Every person is unique, possesses peculiar characteristics, character traits, communicates differently, otherwise thinks, has his own learning style and pace. Learning programs for a specific person are the most effective, interesting and delivering the best results.

According to prominent educology scientist Malcolm S. Knowles, in order for learning to be effective, it is important to psychologically adapt teaching not only to personality needs but also to social roles specific to the learner’s age. If this is taken into account in the learning process, motivation, meaning for learning and desired outcomes are achieved. After all, people concentrate on learning only when they are clearly aware of the benefits and meaning of learning when they perceive learning as a way of solving real-life tasks or problems. If the learner is motivated and the most appropriate learning styles are chosen, successful results are achieved faster and easier.

What are the distinctions of personalized education?

Personalized education differs from general, differentiated or individual education plans from a holistic viewpoint to education. Only personalized training programs take into account learner feelings, innate curiosity, motives, questions, concerns and, of course, unique goals. The learner participates not only in the teaching process, but also contributes to the development of the training itself, because his individual personality traits and needs determine the style of learning.

Elements of Personalized Education:

  • Creating a learner profile. Educational specialists find out the learner’s strengths and weaknesses in learning, previous learning experiences, and clear the real needs, goals and motivational aspects. This creates the learner’s profile to find the most appropriate educational solution.
  • Selection of personalized learning methods. Taking into account personality traits, motivation and goals, each learner is selected and adapted to the most appropriate learning style and process.
  • Creating a comfortable learning environment and a good atmosphere. The learning environment, time, and teaching style of the education specialist are selected according to the learner’s learning style and existing needs.
  • Evaluation of progress. The learning process sets intermediate and final goals. Observing, controlling and evaluating the achievement of these goals does not require adjusting existing goals and setting new ones.

What does company seek?

Joining the best professionals with decades of experience, our company has opened up opportunities for a new wave of education in UK that will change attitudes towards personal learning and learning. We believe that the success of a modern man is inseparable from his individuality, individuality, and personal advantage. Personalized education will help you to discover and develop these strong qualities.