Word Definition: Where Did the Term Paper Chase Come From

How to Define a Word Like Chase Paper 

Writing a word definition is not as easy as it sounds. The truth is you can find the descriptions from a dictionary and describe it without any problem. However, the challenge comes when you have to write a definition essay. Do not worry if you find it challenging to define a term. We will help you do it by providing the best guide on how to do it.

If you are not given a word to define, ensure you find that which you are familiar to. In case you are assigned a word, you can still follow the same guide to deliver a good essay. 

The first thing is to look up the word in the dictionary to help you familiarize with the official definition. It is essential to consider the definition structure to understand the class of the term. You need to know the category or concept in which the word belongs. Find the synonyms or other words that mean the same as the word you are defining. 

For instance, paper chase from the Macmillan dictionary defines it as a game where someone runs ahead of the other people to drop a piece of paper to show others where to run. It also means at attempt to do something that involves reading and writing a lot of documents, and it takes a long time. The synonyms associated with the word are air hockey and hoopla.

After finding the definition, ensure that you find the origin of the word. You can search for online research from the print cyclopedias to know where it was first used under which circumstance. Find different ideas and theories that connect the word. 

Initially, the word was ‘hunt the fox’ and was used around 1800 when the game was organized in Shrewsbury school. It was an outdoor game. The two runners who made the trail were called the foxes and those chasing them we called the hounds. The term changed from fox haunting to hare coursing when the word spread to Bath school. 

After finding the origin, you search online articles that discuss the word. It is vital to find scholarly documents or reports that discuss the concept in details. Here is how you can find the information easily

  1. Look on the academic sites like Google Scholar
  2. Get educational videos that explain the word 
  3. You can also interview individuals to see what the word means to them. 

These ideas help you to get a personal stance about the word. When you have gathered enough information about the word, you can also make your definition based on the evidence you have acquired. Finally, you can write your essay following the underlying structure that comprises the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. 

If you still find it problematic to define your word, you can explore more information to write your essay faster and better. Do not be afraid to find help when you get stuck. Writing a definition essay can be hard, but experts will assist you in solving the mystery. 

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